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A strange gathering, or a darkened Wallow

(Right, so, disclaimer: this story features demon summoning, and the judgement for said crime. It shows pagan on wiccan violence and general malice toward wicca. If that offends you, turn back now).

A women's only Wiccan festival was in full swing. They have begun a midday ritual, building a huge fire and wearing black robes to symbolize in their eyes, mastery, sisterhood and in some strange way purity. A woman of 60 led the ritual, they would link hands and conjure an image of their goddess on earth, validating wicca to them. "Come sisters let us grow our power." The woman danced and as they did so a figure began to dance in the figure, misshapen and malformed, the woman could not get a good look but simply knew it was the goddess that gave them power here to see them. Suddenly a cloud passed in front of the sun. The elder looked up in the sky. "Wait sisters, something has happened." The figure hid itself in the fire. Another figure walked toward the circle, cloaked in gray, and blue clothing on under that. "Wiccan women festival." The elder walked with the aid of a large magick staff. "This is the place. You are welcome sister." The figure looked around, only the hood moving, obscuring the face. "And, you believe, magick is for women? Given by a goddess to only women." The women nodded and the elder agreed. "Yes, it's why we're here. To bring her forth." The figure smiled under his hood. "I think not!" The figure raised a hand to the fire, knocking away the wood and holding in a magick grip, a demon. "You just open doors you can't close. You aid my enemy." The demon was hit by lightning from the same hand and destroyed. "Magick is woman's work you say! You could not conceive of a man doing it. Nor could you know that a man, would master it." The figure removed his gray cloak and revealed he was a young man. He was also holding a mace. "How dare you come here! And bringing a weapon to a sacred place!" The young man growled. "You forced my hand. Remember that when you see what happens next." The elder woman had vines grow on her staff. Blake's eyes glowed blue and tear streaks formed. "Look to the elder, let her be the first." They charged. The woman used her staff fending off his mace. Blake blocked her staff attacks. "Not so powerful it seems, boy." "So it seems." Blake charged his mace with power and broke her staff in two. The old woman fell. "I am Madame grange, the blood in me is the same as the Salem witches. You cannot defeat me!" Blake turned to her, eyes glowing and teeth pointed. "I am Wallow. I have existed since the Middle Ages correcting the mistakes in magick." Wallow raised his mace. "Magick provides." Wallow was hit with a weak spell glancing off his shoulder. He turned to the source. The 12 other woman gathered in a group. The one who threw a spell froze, her hand sticking out still. Wallow dropped his mace near the old woman. "We shall settle this with spells then?" Wallow raised his hands at his sides and his aura field became flooded with waist deep blue energy water. "Flood style." Wallow threw his hand forward and jet of aura water slammed the girl throwing her back. "Anyone else?" The girls rallied. "We will stop you." "My advice is turn your back on wicca. You'll live longer." A woman cried out. "Goddess give aid!" She sent a stream of magick at Wallow. He simply smacked it away. Aura water still swirled around his waist and legs. "Blizzard style." Wallow threw out his hand catching the girls in a stream of water and freezing it. Ice bound her hand and Wallow threw the rest of his water at her, freezing her alive. The girls looked on. "Magick puts faith in those who put faith in it. Foolish to think magick has a gender. And for the crime of summoning demons, I pass judgement upon thee." Wallow's water faded and he instead held lightning in the palm of his right hand. "Storm style." The girls tried combining attacks but it was far too late. Wallow raised his hand, his gargoyle aura protecting him from the blasts of magick, stretchy wings of a watery aura formed to block or smack away attacks. Once the blue aura enveloped his head, he was now fully ready. He released his power killing all of the witches present with a crackling lightning from his palm. The dead wiccans lay everywhere, the closest ones having scorched robes and skin. In an instant rain fell from the sky. One girl, the one hit by the flood attack, had survived and was too far away from the lightning. She stood up and looked around. Suddenly she saw a gargoyle appear. "What you saw. Tell everyone. Every Wiccan, satanist and christian. I want them all to know." Leathery wings opened and Wallow flew off into the storm. His mace, still left near the dead old woman, turned to water.
A Strange Gathering or, a Darker Wallow
just a story i did recently to draw out a new concept for magick fights 
let me know what you think, but mind the disclaimer 
Realistic Nimbus by Uponbatishwings
Realistic Nimbus
nimbus isn't just a skelanimal, hes a bat-goyle hybrid character in several stories.
standing 3ft 9in he's made to be an undead gargoyle companion to my main Oc Wallow 
Saint Castform by Uponbatishwings
Saint Castform
My friend and I are really big fans of pokemon and green lantern, I asked my friend to give a castform because she's a true pokemon master :D
and we started talking about how castform looks like Saint Walker. So here's this. its castform using his ring to project, sun, rain, and snow. if you don't know who saint walker is, educate yourself :P…
saint walker belongs to DC comics
Pokemon belong to their owners
big spider by Uponbatishwings
big spider
just in time for halloween, the spiders come out. if anyone knows the kind of spider let me know


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