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(star wars isn't mine, these are just my jedi concepts)
Master Yoda paced and looked at the four padawan that kneeled in a line. "Sent to find your saber crystals you were. Found them have you?" They each nodded. "What kind and where I would like to hear. While you complete your sabers." A blue crystal started to float out from a young Jedi in blue. "Blue lace agate, from the sea of Kamino, this crystal called out to me and was once hit my lightning." He floated the crystal and metal parts with the force, slowly putting together his own basic, straight hilted saber. When he was done another floated her green crystal. "Mossy agate from the swamps of Dagobah." She floated a blue stone. "Blue topaz from the planet core of Naboo." She floated them both up and assembled them into twin sabers with a slight bend in the hilt. The next floated his yellow crystal. "Yellow topaz from Korriban." He used the force to make a basic saber. The last floated her orange stone. "Amber from the sands of Tatoonie." She floated her saber together as a very short basic saber. Yoda watched as they turned them on. Each one putting out a vibrant color of the stone they had. Yoda looked pleased. "Assembling a lightsaber, one of the greatest skill of a Jedi. Ready to face the trials, you are, free to customize your sabers and wardrobe, also you are." The four padawan appeared at the gates of the first trial. The first had on a blue robe that looked like chain mail with a breastplate and a hood that hung low. He had attached to his basic saber a device that looked like a mace or club. He turned on his saber and from the flanges of his much lengthened handle five blades came out making it look almost like a blue parasol until he adjusted the power making them shorter. The other just behind him had her short handle set into a staff with when she turned on her saber made her orange blade more like a spear she wore orange almost tribal robes. Another girl had her curved sabers put together to make one blue/green saber staff she wore green robes with a sky blue slightly armored tunic over it. The last had a device much like the first but he turned his blade on and the yellow shown through like a double-edged ax he wore heavy armor on the chest and shoulders with a yellow hood and greaves. Obi-wan looked at master Yoda. "I have never seen a more diverse set of Jedi." Master Yoda nodded. "Creativity, innovation, just what we need may be." 
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